Our fall schedule is here!

We will be posting this to our calendar, but we wanted to let you know the days and times for our fall classes, which start the first week of September. Can’t wait to see all of our returning students — and meet some new ones!

      9:00     TODDLER
              10:00     PRESCHOOL
             11:00     BABY
              1:30     PRESCHOOL

                      10:00    TODDLER
                      11:00    PRESCHOOL
                      2:00    PRESCHOOL
                       3:00    TODDLER
                       4:00    PRESCHOOL

                      10:00    PRESCHOOL
                      11:00    TODDLER
                       1:30    PRESCHOOL

All classes will be subject to cancellation if less than 4 students and a class will be closed after the registration reaches 12 students. You can move to a different open class at anytime that your schedule changes or we decide that a student needs to move to a different level. Please communicate with Ms. Rebecca regarding these changes.


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